Chlorophyll Vegan Cafe

This was a final course project in which we were tasked to come up with our own company and make a website for it. I wanted try my hand at designing and developing for a cafe and so I came up with this idea of a cozy vegan place.

The website has five pages, with the menu page linking to five submenus for the food categories, thus, making it easy for users to browse the choices available and not overwhelm them with it on a single page. I used an iframe for this so that the whole site need not reload with each category selection.

As per requirements, the website runs on WordPress and this was the very first site I did on the said platform. I have since learned WordPress and PHP in a more in-depth manner and so I am currently in the process of refactoring this site to maximize the use of said CMS and of course, to incorporate better practices than what was used the first time.

*Write-up on homepage is credited to this site. Recipe names and their descriptions are from Vegetarian Times.

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