Skill Set

Responsive Web Development
PSD Conversion

Graphic Design
User Interface Design
Website Refinement
Branding and Identity

Information Architecture
Creative Writing
Web Content Writing

Tools / Languages

JavaScript / jQuery
WordPress / PHP
Git / GitHub



My foray into web development started with design experiments at age 11, when I would spend summer breaks tinkering with Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft FrontPage till the wee hours of the morning. I even remember that while on vacation at my grandmother’s, I was doodling an idea for a website I had in mind on a Papemelroti notebook. In hindsight, I didn’t know that it was my first attempt at creating a wireframe. After a series of frustrations, “Eureka!” moments, and countless visits to Lissa Explains It All, I was able to put up an online magazine for girls on Geocities. It was my definition of pretend play.

As I grew up though, I focused on becoming a serious writer, hence, my background in Communications. In high school, I put up a personal blog to give myself a reason to write everyday and practice. With this personal project, I got to do some designing and coding again whenever I would change my blog skin. I kept that blog for a long while as I was able to combine the things I love doing.

After a few years of detours and self-discoveries, I realized that the tech industry was really for me. From a hobbyist, I decided to step up by getting focused formal training and meeting people with similar interests. I took a course on Visual Graphic Arts, and later, Web Design. It was then that I resolved to learn more of coding from scratch and pursuing it professionally. I challenged myself (and still do) to adapt industry-standard techniques and learn programming languages I have never dabbled in before, which recently bore me the fruit that is finishing a twelve-week immersive course on web development at RED Academy in Vancouver.

What I love about front-end web development is that I get to stretch my brain to solve problems, but be creative (and/or be exposed to other people’s creativity) in the process. As well, there is something new to learn and improve everyday, and it’s unceasing.

Originally from sunny Metro Manila, I am currently based in Vancouver, but I also enjoy working with people from places all over. Aside from writing, other things I try to do and learn more of are photography and some arts and crafts, all under the fuel of coffee and sweets (chocolate, mostly).